August 1, 2021

Chef Arnold Sprays Netizens Because Children Are Bullied, Here’s Why: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Chef Arnold Poernomo was furious with netizens who took issue with his son while playing with dolls. This started when his wife, Tiffany Soetanto uploaded an Insta Story when her son was playing with dolls.

Then, one of the netizens also replied to the Insta Story while questioning Chef Arnold’s child’s toy. According to him, dolls can only be played by girls.

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The netizen also reminded Chef Arnold’s wife to be more careful in choosing toys for their children. Because, their future will be affected by what they played as children.

“When boys play games for girls… be careful, they’ll grow up?” said the netizen.

Then, Tiffany replied by writing, she would be very proud of her son when he grew up he would be able to take care of the baby and clean up.

“So what if boys play baby-babyan? Or sweeping? Then if you cook for girls too? When Arthur grows up, he can take care of the baby and clean up diligently, I will be very proud,” replied Chef Arnold’s wife.

Seeing his wife being treated like that, Chef Arnold did not remain silent. In another upload, Chef Arnold also uploaded an Insta Story when he wore a pink shirt while holding a similar colored glass.

“My cup is pink, my clothes are pink, I can cook, I can clean, I can take care of the children and wash and iron clothes. Those of you who comment on work in the office, wear suits, use laptops, cool cellphones, cool sports cars and shoes cool skin, once on a knife knife cry like a girl,” wrote Chef Arnold.

Chef Arnold then also uploaded a picture with his son. While taking a selfie with a grinning pose, he again wrote a fierce message for netizens who commented on his family.

“Hey Thur, here daddy whispers.. “He said he went to business school, used to play championship games, motorbike kids and car kids, every weekend clubbing, but you can’t even turn on the stove and boil eggs,” he wrote.

Not only that, Chef Arnold again warned netizens. He said, please hate and say whatever netizens want for him, but don’t try to insult his family.

“Nowadays are still unblocked netizens? Please hate and say whatever you want about me.. But about my family, don’t try it,” he said.