August 1, 2021

2 Recommended Korean Dramas When You Feel Tired of Marriage : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Every married couple has experienced the lowest point in their marriage. Asked what else to hold on to then decided to give up.

The following two Korean dramas also feature a similar story. When a married couple gives up on their marriage, an unexpected event takes them back in time. Will ‘fixing the past’ will make them understand the true meaning of marriage?

here review two Korean dramas that are worth watching versions Okayzone for you to rethink the meaning of marriage.

Familiar Wife

Like most families, Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) and Seo Woo Jin (Han Ji Min) began to feel pressure in their fifth marriage. Joo Hyuk’s target to become a bank manager failed to be realized, and their family’s financial condition was in disarray.

Seo Woo Jin’s job as a massage therapist doesn’t help much with their family’s economy. She often feels pressured to carry out her role as a working woman as well as a housewife.

Until one day, Cha Joo Hyuk reunites with his first love, Lee Hye Won (Kang Han Na). The encounter makes Joo Hyuk lulled by the past and begins to question his life path.

Joo Hyuk started asking, “What if I chose Hye Won in the first place? Will my future be different?” Joo Hyuk’s wish was realized. He woke up in a ‘new world’ where he had yet to meet Seo Woo Jin.

Unexpectedly, in his new life, Cha Joo Hyuk has an established life as a bank manager. Not only that, he also managed to marry the beautiful Lee Hye Won.

Ji Sung and Han Ji Min in Familiar Wife.  (Photo: tvN)

Then what about Seo Woo Jin in Joo Hyuk’s new world? Will they meet again? And will Joo Hyuk be happy with his new life with Hye Won?

Besides Ji Sung, Han Ji Min, and Kang Han Na, the drama Familiar Wife also stars Jang Seung Jo and senior actress Lee Jeung Eun. The last name even reaped popularity through his role in the film Parasite.

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Go Back Couple

This drama starts with a scene flashback which features the wedding moments of Choi Ban Do (Son Ho Jun) and Ma Jin Joo (Jang Nara). But when they left the reception building, their marriage ended in the Seoul Family Court, 14 years later.

Ban Do’s career did not go smoothly. On the other hand, Jin Joo, who is busy taking care of children, receives a message showing evidence of her husband’s infidelity. This is supported by evidence of the husband’s credit card bill which shows he often goes in and out of the hotel.

Son Ho Jun and Jang Nara in Go Back Couple.  (Photo: KBS 2TV)

Instead of talking about their problems, Ban Do and Jin Jo actually expose each other’s bad things. The two have come to a point where marriage is not a happy ending for them. Ban Do and Jin Joo choose to divorce.

On the night after officially divorcing, Jin Jo and Ban Do both took off their wedding rings and threw them away. When the two rings disappeared, an earthquake suddenly occurred. Interestingly, the earthquake could only be felt by Jin Joo and Ban Do.

The next morning, Ban Do and Jin Jo are surprised to find themselves back in 1999. A time when they didn’t know each other. Will they be able to fix the future and recognize the true meaning of marriage?

Jang Ki Yong and Jang Nara in Go Back Couple.  (Photo: KBS 2TV)

Drama adaptation of the webtoon entitled Do It One More Time This is done in a fresh comedy. But don’t forget to provide tissues because Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun will make you feel blue. As a bonus, there is the handsome Jang Ki Yong in this drama.*

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