August 1, 2021

First Single Release, Bella Queen KDI 2019 Collaborates with Rapper from North Halmahera : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – A dropout from the 2019 Indonesian Dangdut Contest (KDI) event, Bella Queen, released her first single. In collaboration with a rapper from North Halmahera named Angelbert, Bella Queen released a single under the auspices of Swara Bintang Records.

The first single, titled Friends of the Ordinary, is said to be carrying the mix dangdut genre. Dangdut music that sounds cheerful, even very suitable when combined with the nuances of East Indonesia.

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Created directly by Angelbert, Ordinary Friends tells the story of someone who pursues certainty in a relationship. Bella Queen even admitted that she was happy to meet and collaborate with a rapper.

“From the first time I met Angelbert, and when I heard this song, I immediately really liked it,” said Bella.

“Imagining it would be cool if I was a dangdut singer, I had collaborations with rappers,” he continued.

Through Common Friends, Bella Queen and Angelbert hope that the mix of dangdut in the song can become a new color in the country’s music industry. Even Bella also said that this song is suitable to be used as a theme song for young couples who need certainty.

“This song can really work if you use it to code your girlfriends,” said Bella.

“Let’s quickly give certainty hahaha ….,” he added.

Together with Okezone, Bella Queen will tell how exciting it was to cultivate her first single with Angelbert. Guided by host Rona Amirah, Bella will also tell a little about her activities during the pandemic. Including his love story, which may have experienced uncertainty in a relationship, according to the theme of the song he brought.

Entitled ‘Chasing the Certainty of Relationships’, the exclusive interview of Okezone and Bella Queen will be broadcast live on Okezone’s Instagram account on Friday, July 23, 2021, at 16.00 WIB tomorrow. Don’t miss it!