August 1, 2021

Lucinta Luna Calls Ivan Gunawan a Prospective Husband, Here’s the Reason: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After getting a challenge to lose weight, Ivan Gunawan uploaded an unusual portrait on Instagram social media. In the photo upload, the artist and designer looks dashing shirtless, showing off a six pack stomach and a stocky body.

“If there are people who have problems with your body shape, you need to know that it is their problem, not yours,” said Ivan Gunawan as quoted from his photo caption.

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It is known that the portrait is an edited photo, where the man who is familiarly called Igun seems to stick his face on someone else’s body. Even so, the 39-year-old designer invites others to love themselves before anyone else.

“So love yourself first, then you can love someone else!” wrote Igun again.

Suddenly, the post was filled with comments from netizens and celebrities. There are those who praise Igun’s good looks when his body is stocky and has a six pack like in his post.

“This is my future husband,” said Lucinta Luna in the comments column.

“I swear, if it’s like this, sis @ayutingting92 can stick like a stamp,” commented the netizen.

“If it’s true, you’re the most handsome in Indonesia, Mom,” wrote a netizen.

“So handsome,” said another.

In addition, many netizens also encouraged Igun to complete the challenge from Deddy Corbuzier to lose weight up to 20 kilograms. If the challenge is completed within three months, Igun will get Rp500 million from Deddy.

“Yok definitely can yok! 500 million is pretty good, you know,” another commented.

“The spirit of 500 jetty brother Igun,” said a netizen.

“A month like this, I get Rp. 1 billion, huh,” commented netizens.