August 1, 2021

Not Accepting Being Called Transgender, Lucinta Luna Is Angry to Make Khodam Voice: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Lucinta Luna firmly denied that she was transgender. In front of Billy Syahputra, he said that he was a complete woman.

This was revealed when Lucinta Luna became a guest star on Billy’s YouTube channel. At that time, Amanda Manopo’s ex-lover asked about Lucinta’s gender.

“Indonesian people maybe 80-90 percent are still curious about the figure of Lucinta Luna. What is it like personally and I’m sorry, gender,” said Billy Syahputra, quoted from his YouTube channel, Thursday (22/7/2021).

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Hearing that question, Lucinta Luna again emphasized that she was a complete woman. “Oh my God, I’m a girl. I didn’t have any surgery on my gender, this was from birth,” he said.

This 32-year-old celebrity also admitted that she had never had sex surgery. “If the genitals are operated on, there must be stitches on the edges,” said Lucinta.

On the same occasion, Abash’s ex-lover also showed his ID card to prove that he was a woman. “My ID card is female, my passport is female. What about being called transgender? Do I still have a face like a man’s face? There is none,” he explained.

Hearing that answer, Billy again confirmed about Lucinta Luna, who is often called transgender. “That means if there are issues that he said, I’m sorry, Lucinta Luna is transgender or male, is that a hoax?” asked Billy.

“Hoax!” answered Lucinta in a deep male voice that took Billy by surprise. Lucinta said that the deep voice came from her ‘khodam’.

“See, my khodam is already angry, I’m already angry. Khodam I said, that hoax. He felt disturbed, because he was to protect me, right,” he said. “Still can’t believe it, I’m naked,” said Lucinta Luna.