August 1, 2021

‘Jolt’: Kate Beckinsale Channels Her Inner Jason Statham Into A Blunt But Somewhat Generic Amazon Movie

‘Jolt’ is the other great film premiere of Amazon of this month. It is clear that this action thriller starring Kate Beckinsale This is coming July 23th is going to stay away from ‘The war of tomorrow’ both in the promotional efforts of the platform and in the impact it can generate, but it is a film that was born with the vocation of being the beginning of a franchise. In fact, he does not even hide that this is his great goal.

A priori, it is inevitable to remember tapes like ‘Crank, poison in the blood’ O ‘John Wick’ When approaching ‘Jolt’, the only thing here is a pissed off woman seeking revenge instead of a man. Hollywood has not yet explored that option enough, but I am afraid that the film in question does not leave you wanting more, since yes, it is blunt, but also somewhat generic.

They pissed off the wrong woman

In fairness, ‘Jolt’ doesn’t do a bad job of introducing the character of Beckinsale, a woman who suffers from a rare disorder which leads her to have outbursts of anger that she is unable to control naturally. To do this, he uses electric shocks, but a day comes when they propose a curious alternative: to sleep with someone. Yes, you have not read wrong, if in ‘Futurama’ There was talk of death for kiki, here its healing power is affected, although labeling it in another way, of course.

The point is that, obviously, there would be no movie if the protagonist regained normalcy in just a few minutes, so a revenge plot is introduced that leads her to use her skills to complete it. That’s where ‘Jolt’ starts to get all too familiar, as there used to be some uplifting in those uncontrollable outbursts of violence. Then it becomes more of an excuse to be able to hand out some cute stuff than something the movie has a special interest in exploring.

Where the film is somewhat more inspired is in its attempt to give something more background to the character played by Beckinsale, either by small flashes of humor, by those visions that he has destroying people before actually doing it or because his actions do not they are no longer guided by an emotional component until then nonexistent for her.

Lights and shadows of ‘Jolt’

Jolt Escena Amazon

I am not going to say that Beckinsale offers a memorable performance on paper – which is still a kind of investment to the one he had. Jason Statham in ‘Crank, Poison in the Blood’ – but it does add enough so that that sense of routine that often appears does not completely sink ‘Jolt’ long before it reaches its end. And that barely reaches 90 minutes in length including the extensive final credits.

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The problem is more in everything that surrounds it, since in the cast there are as many very competent actors as Stanley Tucci like others I would rather see as little as possible like Jai Courtney, because nobody gets to stand out. There ‘Jolt’ does seem monotonous, even when the script of Scott Wascha introduces a “surprising” twist.

Kate Beckinsale Jolt

That helps Tanya Wexler, director of ‘Jolt’, he never seems to care so much about any type of suspense as the fact of going straight to the point and trying to do his best in action scenes. There, the film requires the necessary savagery so that we understand what is special about the protagonist, especially when she has to face several people at the same time.

There are times when it is too noticeable that we do not see Beckinsale’s face because it is probably a stuntman, but in return the tendency of Hollywood action cinema to use montage to create the illusion of spectacle or brutality is greatly reduced. . Here this is achieved more naturally.

In short

Jolt Imagen Amazon Kate Beckinsale

‘Jolt’ is an action hobby that could have given so much more of itself Soon after he explored his own personality based on the peculiarities of his protagonist, but at the moment of truth he is content to be a little more of the same. In her favor, a successful action scene and an effective Kate Beckinsale channeling her inner Jason Statham.