August 1, 2021

Netflix Previewed All Series, Movies And Documentaries That Arrive In August

The streaming platform Netflix launched its novelties for August. The long-awaited Argentine miniseries The kingdom and the iconic Waiting for the carriage Y Fierce Tango are among the varied catalog.


The Kingdom (8/13/2021)

El Reino tells the story of Pastor Emilio Vázquez Pena, candidate for vice president of the Republic, whose running mate is suddenly murdered during the campaign closing ceremony. After the horror comes the opportunity: Vázquez Pena could now become the next president of the Nation. Between intrigues, Emilio will try to decipher who the murderer is and what his causes were, while preparing to be the new leader of the country.

Cast: Starring Chino Darín, Nancy Dupláa, Joaquín Furriel, Peter Lanzani, Mercedes Morán, Diego Peretti, Vera Spinetta, Nicolás García Hume, Victoria Almeida, Alfonso Tort, Patricio Aramburu, Sofía Gala, Santiago Korovsky, Alejandro Awada, Daniel Fanego and Ana Celentane. Creators: Marcelo Piñeyro, Claudia Piñeiro.

For Life: Perpetual Cadena – Season 1 (1/8/2021)

He is in prison for a crime he did not commit. Now, received as a lawyer, he will be in charge of defending other prisoners and reversing his own sentence.

UFOs: Declassified Top Secret Projects (8/3/2021)

Although encounters with aliens were never taken entirely seriously, many people believe that the existence of UFOs is not just a possibility, but a fact.

Control Z: Season 2 (4/8/2021)

It is a new semester at the National School, and it seems that everyone has forgotten about Luis. Until a stranger takes over his social networks and begins to threaten revenge on those who made his life hell.

In the kitchen with Paris Hilton (8/4/2021)

Proving that anyone can cook, Paris Hilton adds her own essence to each dish. A unique cooking show and pure brilliance. The fun is served!

Scrap Metals: Season 3 (8/4/2021)

The Gotham Workshop’s fame continues to rise and Mark expands his business strategy trying to attract clients with great ideas and even bigger pockets.

Hit & Run (6/8/2021)

In search of the truth about his wife’s death, a man finds himself trapped in a dangerous web of secrets that stretches from New York to Tel Aviv.

Pastry Squad (8/11/2021)

Expert pastry chefs take desserts to another level with amazing creativity and epic execution. The battle to win over customers begins now!

Valeria: Season 2 (8/13/2021)

The four friends are the safety net that each one needs to face important decisions, both professionally and in love.

Forever and ever (8/13/2021)

Ten years have passed since he lost the two people he loved the most. Now he is plunged into another turbulent mystery after the sudden disappearance of his girlfriend.

New cherry flavor (8/13/2021)

A filmmaker moves to L. Á. in the nineties to make her first movie, but soon she finds herself engulfed in a psychedelic spiral of sex, magic, revenge, and … kittens.

It’s mine (8/14/2021)

Trapped in a life of luxury full of secrets and lies, two women from a powerful family seek to break down the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Temporada 5  (17/8/2021)

Khloé and basketball star Lamar Odom celebrate their first anniversary as Kourtney and Scott try to have another baby. The Kardashian family is back!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Temporada 5 (17/8/2021)

These friends and rivals – without Carlton or Joyce – are back for another season of drinking, fighting and loads of glamor in Beverly Hills, the pinnacle of drama.

The Defeated (8/18/2021)

In 1946, an American policeman arrives in Berlin to help build a police force amid the chaotic aftermath of the war.

The director (8/20/2021)

At a prestigious university, the first woman of color to become a professor tries to meet the expectations of a failing Department of Literature.

Everything is going to be fine (8/20/2021)

Created and directed by Diego Luna, this series takes place in Mexico City and is a ‘dramedia’ that reflects on the idea of ​​family and relationships today.

Clickbait (25/8/2021)

In this suspense series, eight different points of view provide promising clues about the perpetrator of a brutal crime fueled by social media.

Motel Remodels (8/25/2021)

Two budding hoteliers are looking to expand their empire with the renovation of an old motel in Ontario … just as the COVID-19 pandemic hits.

Post mortem: No one dies in Skarnes (8/25/2021)

They thought she was dead, but no. He has woken up and now he just wants to drink blood … a profitable vice for his family’s struggling funeral home.

Wake Up (8/25/2021)

A teenager deals with the aftermath of a tragedy at a memory disorder center, where she makes friends with other patients who have experienced similar trauma.

Titletown High (28/8/2021)

A sports reality show that chronicles the lives, both on and off the field, of the members of the Valdosta High School football team.

Good Girls: Season 4 (8/31/2021)

Under the strict surveillance of federal agents, Beth, Ruby, and Annie weigh the pros and cons of their jobs, as do Dean and Stan.

Happiness Awakening !, with Marie Kondo (8/31/2021)

Marie Kondo returns with an entirely new series, and this time, she undertakes the daunting task of ordering an entire town.

DP: The Defector Hunter (Coming soon)

Left under the protection of an eccentric corporal, the morality of a young Korean military man is put to the test when he must track down deserters.


Jackass 3.5 – The Uncensored Movie (1/8/2021)

This hilarious documentary shows the boys of Jackass testing the limits of decorum with dangerous artifacts that they excluded from the previous movie.

Jackass 3 (1/8/2021)

Johnny Knoxville returns after a long absence and is subjected to new feats with wild animals, dangerous heights and other follies.

Star Trek (1/8/2021)

On their first voyage aboard the ship Enterprise, the rebel James T. Kirk and his Vulcan partner Spock attempt to defeat a vengeful Romulan commander.

Jackass: Number of (1/8/2021)

Johnny Knoxville and his team put their dignity to the test and face danger in this sequel where grossness prevails.

1976 (4/8/2021)

A pregnant woman struggles to prove her husband’s innocence when he is accused of being part of a failed military coup. A story inspired by a real case.

Deadly Move (8/4/2021)

A young couple accepts a deal and moves into a dream home to save their marriage. Soon, disturbing events reveal the troubled past of his new home.

Fierce Tango (8/5/2021)

Tango, one of the first rock stars in Argentina, leads a full life during a hectic time, full of glory and despair.

Waiting for the float (8/5/2021)

Black comedy turned Argentine classic that tells the adventures of a family that believes that “Mama Cora” has died and organizes an eventful wake.

Vivo (6/8/2021)

A music-loving Kinkaju embarks on a journey from Havana to Miami to fulfill his destiny and deliver a love song from an old friend.

The Cloud (8/6/2021)

A single mother raises edible grasshoppers for their high protein content, but has trouble reproducing them. Until he discovers that they like blood.

The Two Queens (8/6/2021)

At eighteen, Queen Mary returns to Scotland to rule her land and face her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I, for the throne of England.

Welcome to Marwen (8/6/2021)

After suffering a brutal attack, an artist is shattered and loses his memory. But creating a miniature world helps you process the trauma and get back to living.

El souvenir (10/8/2021)

In the early eighties, a film student finds a way to express herself when she becomes emotionally involved with a sophisticated but shady man.

The Kissing Stand 3 (8/11/2021)

Determined to make the most of her final summer before college, Elle plans her wish list while dealing with everything that awaits her with Noah and Lee.

The Goddess of Asphalt (8/11/2021)

A woman returns to her troubled neighborhood in Mexico turned into a music star, unaware that ghosts from the past and pending bills await her.

Beckett (13/8/2021)

After a car accident in Greece, an American tourist is caught up in an intricate political conspiracy that puts his life in danger.

Modern loves (8/18/2021)

In CDMX, the surprising death of the matriarch of a family provokes a series of revelations during the meeting of several brothers who had not seen each other for a long time.

The Art of Defending Yourself (8/17/2021)

Tired of being the target of ridicule, a meek man decides to take karate classes, but his enigmatic instructor introduces him to a subculture of toxic masculinity.

Sweet Girl (20/8/2021)

Ravaged by the murder of his wife, a man (Jason Momoa) seeks revenge while protecting the only family he has left: his daughter.

Documentaries and specials

Shiny Flakes: The Teen Cybernarco (8/3/2021)

Max S. reveals how he built a drug empire as a teenager in the true story behind the How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) series.

Pray Away: The Cross in the Closet (8/3/2021)

Survivors and former leaders of so-called “conversion therapy” speak about the profound damage that this movement caused and continues to cause to the LGBTQ community.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami  (4/8/2021)

Two childhood friends go from school dropouts to Miami’s most powerful drug lords in this true story of a decades-long criminal saga. From tennis to boxing to basketball, these stories aren’t the ones you’ve heard before, even if you think you have.

Uncovered (One premiere per week)

From the creators of Wild Wild Country comes a set of five docuseries that offer a fresh look at epic stories from the wider world of sports.

Released weekly, each film begins at a crucial moment – the big fight, the Olympics, the playoffs – and then delves into what happened beyond the headlines, as told by those who lived through it, to reveal the courage, the stamina , the anguish, triumph, violence, comedy and emotion under the sweat. Weekly premieres for August include:

Exposed: The Fight Between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers (8/10/2021)

Directed by Floyd Russ (Zion) and featuring never-before-seen footage, the famous Pacers-Pistons fight is unraveled by those who lived through it.

Revealed: Pact with the Devil (8/17/2021)

Directed by Laura Brownson (The Rachel Divide, Lemon), boxer Christy Martin talks about her battles in and out of the ring.

Revealed: Caitlyn Jenner (8/24/2021)

Directed by Crystal Moselle (Betty, The Wolfpack) and featuring an extraordinary collection of never-before-seen archival footage, including reels of newly discovered Olympic images and home videos of the Jenner family, Caitlyn Jenner traces her life with a new perspective from earn gold until the decision is made to transition and his relationship with his children. “

Uncovered: Mafia on Ice (8/31/2021)

Directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, UNTOLD reveals the story of a misfit gang of hockey players known as the Trashers, who took orders from the teenage son of an alleged mob boss.

Memoirs of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes (8/18/2021)

British serial killer Dennis Nilsen recounts his life and crimes through a series of chilling audio tapes recorded from his cell.