Wow with these cult movie-inspired Happy Meal concepts

You like movies and Happy Meal de McDonald’s? Then these Happy Meal box concepts inspired by various cult classics of all genres and colors will blow your mind. Gizmodo shares this series of most interesting images, which, as we emphasized, are about concepts, so they still have not materialized as such and are not for … Read more

The Wrong Missy: Why is Adam Sandler not in the Netflix movie The Other Missy but his entire family? | Happy Madison Productions | United States | USA | USA | EU | US | FAME

While he shone as an actor, Adam Sandler expanded his presence in Hollywood with the founding, in 1999, of his own film company, Happy Madison Productions, responsible for “50 First Dates”, “The Longest Yard”, among other successful titles. For the year 2020, the production company presented “The Wrong Missy“(” The other Missy “), a comedy … Read more