Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader compares Marvel movies to YouTube cat videos –

Superhero movies have become a genre in their own right. Every year we see new releases from the biggest Hollywood studios, Marvel Studios or Warner Bros. with DC Films, achieving numbers that small productions can only dream of. Not a few Hollywood giants have risen up against her, and now they are joined by Paul … Read more

Venice Film Festival Day 7: With ‘The Card Counter’, Paul Schrader gives us the best film of the Mostra – Film News

Screened in the first days of the festival we wanted to save space for what we think is the great Venice film 2021: ‘The Card Counter’ by Paul Schrader. In addition, we are talking about ‘Tres’, the desynchronized filigree by Juanjo Giménez. In 2016, I had the enormous privilege, within the framework of the Sitges … Read more