‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: release date, cast, plot, trailer and more

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the latest installment in the MCU wall-crawler trilogy developed by Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, finally has an official trailer. That’s right, after months of waiting (and lots of speculation about when it would arrive), we’ve been able to get our first look at the next movie starring Tom Holland, and … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Photo of Tom Hardy would have confirmed his appearance in the film

Spider-Man: No Road Home has become a bomb of emotions, rumors, cameos and endless theories about its plot. Since the making of the film was confirmed, fans have speculated countless things regarding what will be seen on the big screen, and with the theories of the multiverse, the insanity has been present when waiting to … Read more

You can now have Tom Holland as Spider-Man in your house (or rather his hyper realistic bust) for only $ 3,600

Queen Studios presents its brutal bust of Tom Holland’s Iron Spider on a real scale with which you will feel that you have the UCM wall-crawler at home, if you pay the price … Spider-Man is the most popular Marvel character. Good proof of this is the recent sale of a copy of the Amazing … Read more