Amazon buys Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios

Amazon and Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) have signed a merger agreement whereby the e-commerce company acquires the century-old Hollywood studio. The Jeff Bezos-owned company has paid out $ 8.4 billion (€ 6.91 billion). With this purchase, Amazon gets part of MGM’s catalog of movies and series, including the James Bond franchise and iconic titles such … Read more

Women responsible for Marvel Studios productions

It’s true that most of the superheroes we’ve learned to admire on Marvel movie screens are male. Like the people behind the camera. Until Black Widow and Captain Marvel, for example, gained prominence. Fortunately, little by little, women began to occupy spaces in productions as well. Just days before the premiere of Black Widow’s solo … Read more

Fast and furious: which actors of the saga participated in a Marvel Studios movie and what were their characters | FAME

Drafting Mag Lima, 08/08/2021 04:43 pm | Updated 08/09/2021 01:18 pm After its premiere in the United States, “Fast and furious 9”Is already reaching movie theaters in different countries. Therefore, the popular franchise has returned to be on the lips of his followers due to the expectation of seeing the story on the big screen. … Read more

Rumor: Marvel Studios would be planning the arrival of Elektra to the MCU

Although Marvel Studios has had a long way in superhero cinema, not everything has been as successful as we are used to with the box office results that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented. Long before the merger between the popular comic book company and Disney, there were other companies that had their own history … Read more

Amazon Studios Spain: ‘Bet, commitment and opportunity’

“We are betting hard, committing ourselves to Spanish production and talent, which gives us new opportunities to engage the local audience but especially all Latin American markets,” the executive began. When analyzing the content offer of Amazon Prime Video in Spain the first thing that is glimpsed is a diversity of proposals, he added. ‘Our … Read more

Marvel Studios has a formula for success and Harvard has discovered it

Discover the four keys that have led Marvel Studios to be one of the longest-running and most lucrative franchises in film history With 25 movies under his seal, starting with Iron Man in 2008 until until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings released this year, and with more than 19,000 million dollars at … Read more